Liquidated Damages and Penalties

LexisNexis Conference 2005 – Paper “Liquidated Damages and Penalties – Confining Contractual Freedoms”

LEADR/Adjudication and Construction Stream

The LEADR / Adjudication and Construction Stream, 11 September 2009 held at Albert Park, Victoria, where he sat on a panel, which included Justice McDougal (NSW Supreme Court) and Judge Shelton (Victorian County Court) and Judge McGill (Queensland District Court)

Building Disputes

The Legalwise seminar held on ‘Building Disputes’ for the legal profession on 17 March 2010 where Justice Vickery delivered an address on “The New Technology, Engineering and Construction List”

Society of Construction Law (Australia)

The 4th International Construction Law Conference, 6-8 May 2012, hosted by the Society of Construction Law (Australia) in Melbourne, Australia.  His Honour delivered a paper entitled “Managing the Paper – Taming the Leviathan”