Written publications by Peter Vickery QC

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4 August 2019 (Construction Contracts – Liquidated Damages) ‘Liquidated Damages – A Common Law Solution for the Civil Law Remedy – An International Excursion’, [2019] International Construction Law Review Part 4, 570 (In press – A copy of the article can be found here.

22 July 2019 (Engineering Contracts – Underground Works) ‘Conditions of Contract for Underground Works – The Emerald Book Sees the Light of Day’, Building and Construction Law Journal, 2019 (In press – A copy of the article can be found here.

3 May 2019 (Arbitration) ‘Evidence in International Commercial Arbitration – Exploring a New Framework’ (2019) 38 The Arbitrator & Mediator (A copy of the article can be found here).

23 April 2019 (Technology) ‘Response to Christchurch – Towards a Federal Religious Vilification Law in the Age of Technology’ 2 Media and Arts Law Review2019 (In press – A copy of the article can be found here).

December 2018 (Construction / International Arbitration) Australian Construction Law Newsletter (ACLN) “Process and Evidence in International Construction Arbitration – ‘Tap Root Principles’“ (2018) 183 ACLN 6.

7 August 2017 (Construction) Forward to “Quantification of Delay and Disruption in Construction and Engineering Projects” by Robert Gemmell, Thomson Reuters (Professional) Australia Limited, 2017.

Summer 2015 (Intellectual Property) Victorian Bar News “The Intellectual Property Enterprise Court of England and Wales (with commentary on D’Arcy v Myriad Genetics Inc [2015] HCA 35)” (2015) 158 VBN 60. 

10 October 2012 (Case Management) Journal of Judicial Administration. His Honour published an article in the JJA on the subject of management of documents in large volume cases entitled “Managing the paper: Taming the Leviathan” (2012) 22 JJA No. 2. (Also published in “Global Challenges – Shared Solutions”), ed. Dr Donald Charrett (2013).

4 May 2012 (Case Management)  Forward to “Global challenges, shared solutions” edited by Dr Donald Charrett, comprising papers delivered at the Fourth International Construction Law Conference (Society of Construction Law Australia, Melbourne), including the published paper by Peter Vickery “Managing the paper - taming the leviathan”, Sydney NSW Society of Construction Law (Australia), [2013].

Spring 2009 (Technology, Engineering & Construction) Victorian Bar News “Technology Engineering and Construction List” (2009) 147 VBN 11.